Community involvement

As we celebrate 30 years of being in business, the options team can reflect on its involvement in our community. Our focus has always been on giving, through empowerment, education and support.


Proud SA Sport Supporters!

Competing in sport for one’s country is an incredible honour which few South Africans get to experience. There are some sports which are just logistically more difficult to organise and fund, particularly when the competition is being hosted on horses, and overseas!

options in training supported the fundraising efforts for the SA team competing at the 2015 Nations Mounted Games Championships to travel to Sydney. They competed against teams from Australia, New Zealand and the USA at the Equine Lifestyle Festival in New South Wales in November.

The stylish team competition kit made our team easy to follow as they rode borrowed ponies, rotating their mounts each session. Colin Carson, Irish MGA coach, commented that the SA team was the most versatile in being able to adapt to their changing rides, particulary in session 1.

Our team did us proud, finishing in 4th place overall, after riding in slippery, soaking wet conditions. They learned loads, and returned to South Africa ready to takle the SA National Individual Competition in December.


Victim Empowerment and the Community Police

Margaret Mead wrote, ‘Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.’

Three of our options team members put these words into practice when they decided to join their local Community Police group. After compelting their initial training, completing hours of patrols and assisting at scenes, they decided to specialise in Victim Empowerment, as first responders at crime and accident scenes.

It was a change of pace for our MD, Ann Clarke, and even more so for our trainers Chantal Gomes and Michelle Mackenzie, as they went through weekds of intense training by numerous professionals, examined case studies and particpated in role plays on giving Victom Support.

On completion of training, the 2015 training group was given a practical assignment to be completed in the month ahead. Companies, like options in training, as well as families in the community, donated components to make up VE Support kits for the Victim Empowerment team members. In addition, Dignity emergency bags for men, women and children were put together with basic post trauma necessities to be handed out to victims at scenes.

This has proved to be an on-going project as Dignity bag stocks need to be continually replenished, and additional useful items are being identified to be included!

As Victim Empowerment and Support volunteers, Chanty, Ann and Michelle continue to work towards Margaret Mead’s definition of achievement, with the help of an increasing number of supporters.

‘I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or her fellow human beings.’ Margaret Mead


The Walkerville Agricultural Show

options in training has supported this annual Country Lifestyle Expo in a multitude of ways over the years! The event has an old world charm about it, reminiscent of old platteland farmers’ gatherings with ox wagon rides and sheep shearing services available, poultry and rabbit showings, and locally produced koeksisters, huge pumpkins, mohair scarves and rural landscapes in watercolours vying for top accolades.

But most importantly, this show is a celebration of community enterprise, spirit and local fun. But it takes a full year to plan, and multitudes of volunteers to run a show this size. The options team has sponsored prizes for the Mr and Miss Walkerville competition, jumps for the horsehow events, expertise to adjudicate in the crafts competitions and (wo)manpower to run the Walkervile horse show and ‘man’ the Conservancy stand!

We look froward to continued assistance in this join endeavor between the Walkerville Chamber of Commerce, the Agricultural Society, Conservancy and a number of local clubs!